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Welcome to my Mini Virtual World

          Thank you for stopping by and showing your interest to know more about me and my creations. 

From my website name you may already guessing that this will not be just a recipe blog. But Yes Food will be the focus point. 

Hope You will find here some delicious recipes to your taste along some inspiration for various aspect of life.

I believe food is not just to eat. Food is to Create Memories. Food is to bring People Close.

What you can expect from this page :
          Two main section of my blog is “Food” & “Everything else”. I try to break down my ideas as much as I can think of now to give you a clear idea of what you can expect from these pages is below.

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Food :

=> Mostly you will find everyday food recipe which can make easily, sometime Quickly & mostly Healthy. But Yes there would be some recipes that you can make occasionally to wow your family and guest.

=> Vegan & Vegetarian recipes. When I say Vegetarian that means recipe included dairy not egg or fish.

=> You will find Recipes from East to west and off course a lot of Bangladeshi delicious recipe.

=>  Lot of stories & history related to that particular recipe.

Life is very generous to me to show its many faces, both good and not so good.

& EverythingElse :

=> Here you will find articles about different aspects of life. I believe I can inspire you for a positive & happy life through my own & others experiences.   

=> Articles about Photography & blogging.

=> Monthly Blog where I will discuss current situations & thoughts, my goals & progress

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Food & Me

I have a love relation with food. If I love a food, I keep love them even if they not return the same love. Some foods even hate me and give me trouble but I still keep them. I may not have those troublemakers often but I never let them go. Yes I am a Keeper 😉

I born & raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh, living in Houston, Texas from 2007. I am mentioning these two places because they have a great impact on my recipe creation and food choices.

Bangladeshis known for their love for eating, cooking & hosting. Inherently I got all of them. I learned cooking in a very early age not because I have to but I like to. On special occasions I like to make something special & new to wow my friends and family. And those special items were mostly desserts.

I did cook main courses some time but I never have to cook everyday meals until my masters. That time my mom had an road accident and broke her leg.For 8 month she was on bed. In this time period I had to took charge of entire family and most importantly I learned how to cook vegetables deliciously 😉 

Then comes Houston. I am so lucky to live in a multicultural city like Houston. I get chance to taste many authentic cuisines without traveling like Ethiopian cuisine to Moroccan, Colombian to Korean cuisine. When I first moved here with my parents I didn’t have any friends. On my off days me & my mom used to explore different area of the city and try new food and new restaurants. Similarities & differences of different cuisines make me amazed. 

For example, Hummus, refried beans & Bengali Daler (bean) vorta are comes from the same concept… MASHED THE BEANS. Difference is in the process and spices. Isn’t it interesting!

But then I want many of those new food in my way and more healthy way. And Thats how I started to making different recipes from different cuisines at Home. 

Beside living cities, some personal incidents & health issues like thyroid, depression change my food choices in recent years. Like I used to have green smoothie every single day but now I eat my greens more in soup or in sauteed way. I manage my depression & thyroid by choosing my food consciously.

Eat Consciously Live Freely

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When I am a foodie

  1. I like to eat out because I like to be served. Which is not happened at home lol.
  2. I love to try foods from different cuisines.
  3. I like street foods & festival foods.
  4. I love foods served on beautiful china wears.

When I am a Cook :

  1. I like to cook from scratches. So you will see lot of break downs of “spice mix” likes biriyani spice mix, pumpkin spice mix etc.
  2. I am more comfortable to cook than bake.
  3. I am always up for easy and simple cooking.
  4. I like to cook from different cuisine and adjust recipe to my taste.

When I cook I do with love. When I eat I do with respect.

Oops ….. I forget to introduce myself. So here is the big question…

Who am I !

This question or topics is obvious for introduction and it may seem a very simple question but it is not an easy one to answer. Let me explain why it is not a simple question……. Wait I don’t want you to go away 😉 I want you to come back to my blog again & again. So I am not going to perplexed you in the first place (I will write a blog post later on this topic). Let’s just introduce myself this way…… I born as a human being with a female body. I have a name given by my parents called ASMA. 

Mind behind the www.foodneverythingelse.com
With Love & Gratitude ......Asma
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