Anti-inflammatory Pineapple orange Juice
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Anti-inflammatory Pineapple Orange Juice recipe

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          This Anti-inflammatory Pineapple Orange Juice is one of my favorite juice to drink on summer time. In a very early age I diagnosed with rheumatic arthritis. For 2 years each month I had to take D-penicillamine (in injection form). As I grow older I started focusing on food to reduce my uncomfortable joint pains. I feel juice is the perfect form to eat more fruits & veggies at a time. For juices or smoothies, I made my own combo according to my taste & needs & moods. I hope you will love this Anti-inflammatory Pineapple Orange Juice recipe as much as I do.

Anti-inflammatory Pineapple orange Juice
Anti-inflammatory Pineapple orange Juice

What should I drink: Juice or Smoothie?

          Juicing means separate the juicy part from the fruits or vegetable flesh or in other way I can say it’s a process to separate the nutrient rich water & fiber of a fruit or vegetable. Also that’s the basic difference of smoothie & juice.
Now you may thinking why should we throw those fiber? Isn’t those fiber is good for me?
Answer is Yes, those fibers are good for us but Pure juice has its own benefit too.

Why Juicing is Good ?

          Juices are so dense in nutrition & have all the nutrients of a fruit or veggie except fiber. It is easy for our body to absorb juice quickly. Also drinking juice gives little break to our digestive system from working hard on those fiber.
So having juices now & then is good instead of drinking smoothie or raw fruits and veggies all the time.

Anti-inflammatory Pineapple orange Juice

What is inflammation?

          Inflammation is not a single disease by itself. It related to many other disease. There is chronic inflammation disease & then there is lot of diseases which cause inflammation in our body. Most common symptom is joint pain & muscle pain.
          I will not go in details because it’s a broad topic to discuss but if you feel more interested you can find a lot of information about inflammation on web. Let’s talk about our anti-inflammatory Pineapple Orange juice.

Why Pineapple?

          Pineapple been treated as anti-inflammatory food for a long time. Different studies shows that Pineapples have an enzyme called Bromelain which helps to reduce inflammation caused by unregulated immune responses. Also it fights blood clotting. That means Pineapple is a nature’s aspirin.
          I like to share a bit of my memory here. As a kid whenever me or my brother have seasonal fever or that under the weather type feelings ( like body aches or muscle pain ), she force us to swallow pineapple juice. (as a kid we both dislike pineapple lol). If it was not pineapple season, she gives us fresh or dried ginger to chew.
Now all those home remedies backed by science.

Anti-inflammatory Pineapple orange Juice

          If you do not have a Juicer,don’t be discouraged.  Just use cheese cloths or a strainer. It may take little extra time but just think about it’s benefits. And hey you need time to clean that juicer too. 😉

          I added only four ingredients for this juice. No extra sweetener needed at all for me. Remember you always have freedom to adjust the amount of all the ingredients. for example, If you do not like strong ginger flavor, add less ginger. 

          One more thing I like to say that if you eat or drink any food as medicine do not expect any results over night. Medicinal food not works quickly but work with less side effects for sure.

That’s all for today. now take a look to the recipe.

Anti-inflammatory Pineapple orange Juice

This Anti-inflammatory Pineapple Orange Juice is not only have great health benefits but also taste so good. You do not need juicer to make this juice. 

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Prep Time 5 minutes
Strain juice 2 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Author A.A


  • 3 Cups Pineapple cubes
  • 1 medium Orange
  • 1 Lime
  • 1 inch Ginger


  1. Cut pineapple into cubes. I recommend to use fresh one instead of canned one. 

  2. Peel off Orange & lime. make sure you cut off white part because it taste bitter. Cut both into four pieces.  

  3. Peel off & wash a piece of ginger. cut into small cubes.

  4. Put everything in a blender (if you Do not have a Juicer). 

    Add water. Amount Depends on your desired thickness. I add ice cubes when I drink so I don't make it very liquid. 

  5. To get the juice use a strainer or cheese cloths.  

  6. Now ready to enjoy

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