• Ingredients for Blueberry Pie Smoothie

    Blueberry Pie Smoothie – Vegan recipe

    This Vegan Blueberry Pie Smoothie is very fulfilling. It can be a great breakfast on run or can be a good energy boosting post workout drink too.

  • Dill-licious Cucumber Salad

    This Dill-licious cucumber salad is most easy to put together and most refreshing salad ever. This salad can be made ahead and eat cold. perfect for Summer.

  • Minty Strawberry Salsa

    Minty Strawberry Salsa – Vegan recipe

    Minty Strawberry Salsa. This salsa is so easy to make, very few ingredients needed and very refreshing for any summer days. I will also share couple of my favorite way to eat this salsa.

  • Pickle-ish Lunch Ideas --Healthy & Vegan recipe

    Pickle-ish Office Lunch Ideas -Vegan Recipe

    If you like me who eat more pickles on summer time then you will love these 2 Pickle-ish lunch ideas. Both recipes are Light weight to stomach, made with clean & healthy ingredients, Flavorful, Quick to put together, Vegan recipe,…

  • Pan-fried Cabbage lentil fritters

    Pan fried Cabbage-Lentil fritters

    This Pan fried Cabbage-Lentil fritters are easy to make, delicious and healthy. You need only 3 main ingredients to make this fritters.

  • Avocado Crema ~foodneverythingelse

    Avocado Crema ~ Vegan & Glutenfree

    Here’s the ultimate Avocado crema that you can literally spread on anything, well not on sweets but on any savory food. This Avocado crema is very easy & simple to make but could make any simple food deliciously gorgeous. I…

  • One Pot Garlic Mushroom Pasta ~ Vegan Recipe

    One Pot Garlic Mushroom Pasta ~ Vegan Recipe

    One Pot Garlic Mushroom Pasta is a vegan recipe. Its super easy to cook and so delicious to eat. Its mild taste is appropriate for any ages. From prepping to serve this Vegan recipe will take less than 30 minute.…