• How to make Home made Almond butter with 1 ingredients

    How to make Almond Butter at home ~ Basic Recipe

    Making Almond Butter at home may sound lot of work but it is not at all. Rather once you made Almond Butter at home you never wanna go back to the store bought one. Homemade Almond Butter is way more…

  • Anti-inflammatory Pineapple orange Juice

    Anti-inflammatory Pineapple Orange Juice recipe

              This Anti-inflammatory Pineapple Orange Juice is one of my favorite juice to drink on summer time. In a very early age I diagnosed with rheumatic arthritis. For 2 years each month I had to take…

  • Mango Coconut Layer Rice Pudding. Bangladeshi Vegan Recipe. To make this Mango Coconut rice pudding you only need 7 ingredients.

    Mango Coconut Layer Rice Pudding Recipe

             Calling all Mango lovers over to this special summertime dessert called “Mango Coconut layer rice pudding”. This Vegan dessert can be made in any time of the year but using fresh mango in summer time is…

  • Texas Caviar Bean Salad ~ Vegan ~ New year good luck recipe

    Texas Caviar Bean Salad Recipe

    Texas Caviar Bean Salad not only very nutritious but also a quick way to satisfy a crowd in a healthy way. This Vegan salad recipe has its unique flavor and interesting story. Would you like to know! Then keep reading.

  • Nutty Chocolate Oat Smoothie recipe

    Nutty Chocolate Oat Smoothie Recipe

                   Here is the ultimate smoothie recipe you been waiting for …. Nutty Chocolate Oat smoothie.  This plant-based smoothie has good fats, slow release carbohydrate, high fiber & other significant vitamins and minerals. Also…

  • Cauliflower pakora fritters

    Cauliflower Vegan Pakora / Fritters Recipe

                                             Who doesn’t like munching on crunchy snacks! And if it includes veggies, you can have another bite guilt free…isn’t it…