Month-end Blog Post for January
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Month-end Blog Post for January

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Finally I did it. Yessss I did it. I did it. I did it.

Hahaha don’t be overwhelmed with my dramatic opening. I am talking about this blog post. Let me explain you the story behind my excitement of writing this post. From the very beginning my intention was to write monthly blog post. But it didn’t happen in last 6 month. In between for 3 month I even didn’t post anything. Then I thought lets start from January 1st and here I am on 2nd February. Now you can imagine why I am excited just by finishing this blog post.

What is Monthly Post

On my monthly post I will do a quick recap of previous month and a sneak-peak of upcoming month, some behind the scenes of my blog/Instagram journey. And my personal experiences, thoughts that can benefit some of you. Be prepare for some raw honesty 😉

Year of Grow:

I am taking this 2019 as my year of growing as me. I am in my late 30’s and I guess I need to be real serious about me this time. My most priority will go to My Health and My Finance. Throughout the year I will share what new things I tried, what works and what didn’t works on my Health & Wealth journey.

January Recap:

January was a good month for me. My first focus was to put myself in a routine. Last 2 weeks was a success even though some days I didn’t feel to do but mentally I became strong enough to push myself to do my daily walk and prays.

Another thing I been trying in January is “Intermittent Fasting”. I tried it before many times but I failed to be consistent. So this time I read more about it and customize it according to my health. In this point I can say most probably I can keep up with this for a long time (will discuss in details soon).

Did you try celery juice yet? It kinda buzzing trend right now and my Instagram friend Nazli (@gurmevegan) got me into that too. I been drinking this juice for couple of weeks. It works so good for my bloats. That’s the only benefit I can feel right now. Maybe it is working silently on many things inside my body that I can’t feel right away. I am a believer 😉

Another good thing happened this month, well the result shown on February though. I am having my first Giveaway in Instagram. It is only valid to Texas. It will be run on 1-7th February. Last month a Texas made Juice Company send me their juices for testing (I love Instagram lol). After reading all the ingredients, testing with other family members I decided to pursue them for a giveaway for my readers because I believe they would love these juices. So when they agree to do this giveaway with me I feel happy and grateful.

Personal experience & Thoughts on Social Detox

I used to be hated in my university life by some sugar coated social fake friends because I didn’t play same as them. What I did!  just don’t allow them in my premises and shut my doors on their faces. I keep myself busy with lot of cultural activities instead of wasting my time gossiping with them. Result was amazing I have some true friends & lot of good experiences. Then time change, life situation change, country change. In last couple of years I been spending a lot of time with that kind of so called friends. I been nice and gentle and let them use me and pretend that I didn’t understand that they are using me. And all I been doing just to be a social person. Sorry I can’t play like that anymore. So I go for a social detox diet ;). Now I started feel good again.

I heard many times Oprah Winfrey to emphasize on avoiding negative people. Now I can feel the importance of that.

Do you hear that saying “You are the average of 5 people you spend most time with”. I am assuring you on that.

Would you like to share your thought on this with my readers? Leave a comment & we will go from there 🙂

Whats in for February?

I already set up my morning routine; now on February I will try to implement a night routine. On my night routine I will establish a skin care routine for sure. Ohh I love when people say I don’t look like my age 😉

Another goal is to be consistence on my YouTube channel. I been on & off there and still I uploaded 50+ videos. Pretty good number huh!

In February I want to spend more time out side and regular trip to library.

Book recommendation

I started this year with financial help books ;). Beside reading Think & Grow rich by Napoleon Hill, I been listening audio books on YouTube too. If you interested, I highly recommend listening “The Little Money Bible” by Stuart Wilde. Don’t just listen, try to understand it. These books not only help you to think differently about your financial situation but about you. You can use those principles to be succeed in any field.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading to the end. If you like to know more about anything that I mention here, feel free to comment or message me.

With Love and Gratitude


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