Month end blog post for August
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September days are here ~ month-end blog

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September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather,
And autumn’s best of cheer.

—– Helen Hunt Jackson, September (poem)


Who else is excited for September!! Well I am not that much excited for September as I do feel for October or April but I can’t ignore those autumn cheers in the air and I love it. Since I am living in Houston and our weather is still hitting 100F now & then; so I am just waiting for not-so-hot summer days ahead. But yes definitely I want to enjoy couple more warm long evenings outdoor before it started chilling when sun goes down.

Month end blog post for August

Looking back to August

Poet Sylvia Plath mentioned August as “the odd uneven time” in one of her writings in 19th century. I also find August kind of “the odd uneven time” in this 20th century though not for the same reason. Technically August fall into summer vacation but I found this month all about preparation to get back into daily regular life. August is the month of back to school, back to work, back to diet, back to gym, back to budget etc. while mind craving for more lazy days.

How do you feel about August?

September days are here!

“Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul…” [Peggy Toney Horton].

…….This is the perfect line to express my feelings when I smell Fall in the air of early mornings of September. Those winds of September may not have loud voice but they whisper about Fall….can you hear!

By now you probably guessed that Fall is my favorite season. Yes you are absolutely right.

For an unknown reason my productivity increase in fall. My mood change, I feel more happy, less stressed. I feel more connected with myself. I always noticed that changes in me and I wait for that change every year but this year I decided to use this mood change intentionally.

What do I mean by use this mood change intentionally! I am planning ahead to learn something new to use my high energy and good mood this season rather just to spent the season as a butterfly. Well I like to be outside in this season so I am planning some picnics too. [that means some picnic recipes are coming 😉 ] In past, most of the weekend just passes by to decide about what to do or where to go so this time I want to be prepared to enjoy this season in full.

Can you relate with me!

When is the last time you learn something new?


Benefits of learning something NEW:

Here are some big benefits of learning new skills, especially in our adult life. As we grow up we became a habituated creature. We keep repeat doing same things in our everyday life. But many studies shows when we learn something new, our brain neurons start stimulate which creates new pathways in our brain and help to increase overall brain power. For example we can think faster and different ways. That’s why if you read success full peoples biography, you will see they are pretty good at many other things that are not related to their profession. Also learning new things regularly can prevent dementia in a long run.

Planning is the key

Time passes by so quickly, so if you want to achieve something or complete any project make sure you plan ahead, especially when it comes to learn a new skill. Why! Because by nature our brain works in a protective manner. Whenever we go for something new, no matter it is risky like Skydiving or not so risky like Quilting, our brain start calculating its risk factors. To make your thought of learning something to an action, planning is the key.

What I will learn!!

This September I want to learn to make Macrame. I give myself 2nd weekend (14th & 15th) of September to start. I promise myself not to give-up even if I couldn’t start when I was thinking to. So to motivate/remind myself I schedule some macrame pin on my Pinterest. Every time I go to Pinterest I saw them and telling myself I need to start. I saw some YouTube Video (ah how lucky we are in this digital age) and narrow down to two design that I want to make (off course most easy ones). In the mean time I went to Walmart & saw some pre-packaged macrame DIY project. I bought two to try on. Oh yes you guys will saw multiple macrame on my Instagram…lol.

Are you thinking what you should learn? Don’t kill the time just pick something and start. Do not think of its relation to your career or current life style. Just pick something that you could enjoy and it challenges you in some level. Even driving in a new route can help brain function more.

I want to wrap up here and I really would love to hear what new thing you going to learn this month. If you like to keep up with my macrame progress comes to visit my Instagram where I am always up.

Have a blessed September.

With Love


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