• Minty Strawberry Salsa

    Minty Strawberry Salsa – Vegan recipe

    Minty Strawberry Salsa. This salsa is so easy to make, very few ingredients needed and very refreshing for any summer days. I will also share couple of my favorite way to eat this salsa.

  • Pan-fried Cabbage lentil fritters

    Pan fried Cabbage-Lentil fritters

    This Pan fried Cabbage-Lentil fritters are easy to make, delicious and healthy. You need only 3 main ingredients to make this fritters.

  • Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus

    Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus ~ Easy recipe with video

    Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus is my most favorite hummus flavor. Sometime I find it easy to have a healthy meal but when it comes to the healthy snacks, I often fall down from the wagon. To keep myself on…

  • How to make Home made Almond butter with 1 ingredients

    How to make Almond Butter at home ~ Basic Recipe

    Making Almond Butter at home may sound lot of work but it is not at all. Rather once you made Almond Butter at home you never wanna go back to the store bought one. Homemade Almond Butter is way more…

  • Texas Caviar Bean Salad ~ Vegan ~ New year good luck recipe

    Texas Caviar Bean Salad Recipe

    Texas Caviar Bean Salad not only very nutritious but also a quick way to satisfy a crowd in a healthy way. This Vegan salad recipe has its unique flavor and interesting story. Would you like to know! Then keep reading.

  • Cauliflower pakora fritters

    Cauliflower Vegan Pakora / Fritters Recipe

                                             Who doesn’t like munching on crunchy snacks! And if it includes veggies, you can have another bite guilt free…isn’t it…