Sweet-Salty Cantaloupe Smoothie - Vegan Recipe
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Sweet-Salty Cantaloupe Smoothie – Vegan Recipe

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          Who want to sip on this Sweet-Salty Cantaloupe Smoothie! This easy and healthy summer smoothie takes only 4 ingredients to make and it is also dairy free, sugar free and nut free.

Sweet-Salty Cantaloupe Smoothie - Vegan Recipe

Best way to cool off this summer is to have some icy cold yummy smoothies, who agree with me! I know everyone. I decided to share a bunch of smoothie recipe this summer so you can choose your favorite flavor without searching from one site to another. So stay tuned.

Sweet-Salty Cantaloupe Smoothie

I combine another not-so-used summer fruit into this smoothie, Apricot. Why apricot! First of all its bright yellow color makes me happy. (I am serious it’s a real reason). Apricot is not a super sweet fruit and it has dense flesh than cantaloupe which brings to this smoothie more fullness.    

Sweet-Salty Cantaloupe Smoothie - Vegan Recipe

I know cantaloupe is not a favorite melon of so many people and I was one of them. I may admit that I am not a fond of many fruits. But when I got hypo-thyroids I started looking for more variety of fruits to add on my daily menu especially on my smoothies. I was a huge drinker of green smoothie and I love green salads which is not so friendly for my hypo-thyroids. So I started try out more fruit combination for my smoothie. This way I come up with this sweet-salty cantaloupe smoothie and I can guarantee you this smoothie will change your thought about cantaloupe.

Sweet-Salty Cantaloupe Smoothie - Vegan Recipe

Nutritional facts of Cantaloupe

  1. High in Beta carotene. It contains higher beta carotene than many orange colored fruits.
  2. High in Vitamin –C and Vitamin B-6.
  3. Like most melon, Cantaloupe also high in water retention, almost 90%.
  4. Cantaloupe has potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and many other mineral and vitamins.


How to cut a Cantaloupe

Do you cut your Cantaloupes at home or you bought boxed pre-cut melons? Well if you never cut your melons at home just watch my video to see how easy it is.

Now if you want to make more smoothie with cantaloupe, here is another idea  Cantaloupe & Strawberry Smoothie 

Sweet-Salty Cantaloupe Smoothie

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Servings 1


  • 1 Cup Cantaloupe cubes
  • 1 fresh Apricot (pitted)
  • Black salt to taste
  • Cumin to taste
  • Water


  1. Put everything into a blender. Add water according to your desired thickness. Now blend until everything became smooth. Now Enjoy.

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